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Ulises Cabrera, District 4

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Councilmember Ulises Cabrera

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Ulises Cabrera

Phone: 951.413.3008

14177 Frederick St.
Moreno Valley, CA 92553

Meet Councilmember Cabrera

Ulises Cabrera was elected to the Moreno Valley City Council in 2017 to represent Council District 4 and is proud to be the youngest elected Council Member in Moreno Valley’s history. His mission is to help make Moreno Valley a model City for the State of California, the country, and the world.

Council Member Cabrera has quickly assumed leadership roles on several City boards and commissions and in inter-agency capacities. Currently, he serves on the following boards and commissions: Arts Commission, Emerging Leaders Council, and the Parks, Community Services and Trails Committee, the Economic Development Subcommittee, and the Finance Subcommittee. Additionally, Council Member Cabrera serves on the the School Districts/ City Joint Task Force.

Council Member Cabrera’s experience living in lower income communities in Los Angeles and in Texas, as well as in Moreno Valley has developed a passion for helping people and communities move out of poverty and resolve problems. He spends his time working towards prosperity and progress.

While he is committed to progress in all areas of community development, as a champion for change, Council Member Cabrera’s focus is largely on quality living and opportunities for young people;  the broadening of the arts and an increase in community events;  investing in infrastructure; and enhancing public safety through community engagement.  

He spends a great deal of time working with Moreno Valley’s youth in order to pursue the changes that will create quality of life for youth now and in their futures which is second to none. His message emphasizes the value of education and/or training after high school to pave the way for prosperity.

Together, Council Member Cabrera and his brother, Martin, launched SpiritLift - a charitable organization which provides mentors for at-risk youth in the City to encourage them to find their passion in life through education. He also volunteers regularly in various capacities including neighborhood clean-ups and at many community events.

Council Member Cabrera earned an Associates of Arts degree from Lone Star College - North Harris in 2015. Council Member Cabrera plans to enroll at California Baptist University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Committee and Board Participation

City Council Advisory Commissions/Boards


  • Arts Commission
  • Emerging Leaders Council
  • Parks, Community Services & Trails

City Council Subcommittees


  • Economic Development
  • Finance



  • School Districts/City Joint Task Force

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