The Planning Division recommends and implements land use policies, processes land use applications and prepares and processes updates and revisions to the General Plan, Municipal Code, Landscape guidelines and Design guidelines. The Planning Division provides staff support to City Council, the Planning Commission, Environmental and Historical Preservation Board, and Project Review Staff Committee.


July Statistics 
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Notice of Public Availability Final Energy Efficiency and Climate Action Strategy for the City of Moreno Valley 

On October 9, 2012, the Moreno Valley City Council Approved the Energy Efficiency and Climate Action Strategy and the related Greenhouse Gas Analysis, which identifies potential programs to reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy. Learn more about the G.R.E.E.N. program here.


  • On July 28, 2016 a Municipal Code Amendment was presented to the Planning Commission relating to the regulation of smoke shop uses citywide. The Planning Commission discussed this code amendment and provided direction to staff regarding further research and review. The item was continued to the September 8, 2016 Planning Commission meeting.



Do I need a permit to...?

Build a tool shed

No, if the shed’s total floor area is less than 120 sq ft. Sheds taller than the fence line must maintain a minimum 5’ setback from both side and rear property lines. See M.V.M.C. 9.08.030.

Display exterior signs and banners

Yes. Sign and banner applications are available for download. View applications for sizing and other guidelines.   

Host an event or a parking lot sale 

Yes. Depending on the nature of the event either a Major or Minor Temporary Use Permit will be required. 

Operate a business from my home 

Yes. For a home based business a Home Occupation Permit is required. If opening a new business in a commercial location make sure your desired location is compatible with zoning.

What is the process to obtain permits for solar photovoltaic systems?


Roof mounted solar systems proposed for a single family residence are generally processed over the counter with the Building & Safety Division. Ground mounted solar systems on residential property exceeding 600 square feet of panel arrays will require the submittal of an Administrative Plot Plan with the Planning Division. For information regarding the permitting process, contact the Building and Safety Division at (951) 413-3350.

Commercial and Industrial

All solar photovoltaic system proposed for a commercial or industrial developed property requires the approval of an Administrative Plot Plan prior to Building and Safety and Fire Prevention plan check and permit submittals.  


What is the zoning and permitted uses for a particular property?

Zoning information is available by creating a Parcel Report using the City's GIS map. (Instructions can be found here.) Below is a list of permitted uses by zone:

What kind of animals can I keep on a residential property?

Roosters are prohibited in the City. Other livestock, such as chickens, goats, horses and pigs are regulated by zoning and size of property. All residential properties are allowed to have cats and dogs. 

See the Animal Keeping Requirements Table.

Can a property be rezoned?

A change of zone request requires public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council. The request must be consistent with the City’s General Plan; if not consistent, a General Plan Amendment is required. Please review the Change of Zone and General Plan applications for submittal requirements.

Can I divide or merge my land?

Yes, if a proposed division or merger complies with the City’s minimum development. For subdivisions please review the Tentative Tract/Parcel Map submittal requirement form. For lot line adjustments and parcel mergers please contact the Land Development Division.

Can I convert an existing garage into a living space?

A 2-car garage measuring 20’x20’ is required. If planning to build a new living space within an existing garage a new 2-car garage will need to be constructed in order to maintain the parking requirements for a single-family residence.

Can I add or build the following...?

Manufactured home

For vacant properties in residential zones HR, RR, RI, R2, RA2, R3 and R5 a Custom Home Permit is required. Second units must be architecturally compatible with main house.

Garage addition

Yes, refer to the development standards in which your property is located. Accessory structures greater than 600 sq ft, also require an Administrative Plot Plan.

Metal container

No, except under certain circumstances in the Commercial and Industrial zones a Temporary Use Permit is required. Please contact Planning Division for additional information.

Tiny home

Not allowed per the development standards for residential minimum dwelling square footage, in addition to the California Building Code requirements.

What are the setback requirements for my zone?

Please review the following links to view setback requirements:

What are the fence and wall requirements for a residentially zoned property?

The maximum height requirement between two properties is 6 feet along side and rear property lines. Fences and walls located in front the setback can be a maximum of 3’ tall of a solid durable material. Fencing the front yard greater than 3’ tall must be an open material providing a minimum 75% visibility up to 6’ high. View more information here.

Does the City allow marijuana dispensaries in a commercial or industrial zone?

No. The possession, sale and distribution of marijuana including medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services are prohibited in the City of Moreno Valley.


What is CEQA

CEQA, or the California Environmental Quality Act, sets statewide policies that require state and local agencies to identify, avoid or lessen significant environmental impacts.

What is the process?

A public agency will determine if a proposed activity is considered a “project.” If the proposed activity is a project and not exempt from CEQA then the following process is initiated: 

  1. Public agency evaluates the project to determine if there is a possibility that the project may have a significant effect on the environment. 
  2. Lead agency prepares initial study to determine to issue either an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) or a Negative Declaration. 
  3. Comments are issued. A decision to assign either the EIR or Negative Declaration is made. 
  4. State and local agencies will come to a decision about the project. State agencies will file a Notice of Determination with the Office of Planning & Research, while local agencies will file Notice of Determination with County Clerk. 
What are the general CEQA statutes and guidelines?

Data & Records

How do I view general information about my property?

You may use the City’s GIS map viewer to view information including but not limited to zoning, land use, and school district boundaries. To determine where your actual property lines are located on site you will need to contact a licensed land surveyor.

Can I review project submittal history?

You may call the Planning Division main line at (951) 413-3206 or you can come to City Hall with project information such as the Project Case Number, Assessor Parcel Number (APN), address, and or location of project

Can I purchase city related documents such as a zoning map, Municipal Code or other reference documents?

Most items are available to view and download from the Forms and Applications tab. Please contact the Planning Division at (951) 413-3206 for further information.   

How do I obtain copies of documents from a Planning Commission Meeting?

Copies of Planning Commission Agendas and minutes or staff reports are available on the City’s website. For further information please call the Planning Division at (951) 413-3206.  

How do I submit comments on a project that is on a future Agenda for the Planning Commission Meeting?

Projects are available for public review before the public hearing.  Public testimony can be presented at the Public Hearing. If you are unable to attend the Public Hearing, written testimony can be provided to the case planner prior to the Public Hearing. Obtain more information about the Planning Commission, including meeting dates, here.

Policy and Standards


Landscape Design Requirements

The intent of this section is to provide landscape development requirements consistent with the goals and policies of the general plan. 

General Plan 

A General Plan is a comprehensive long-term strategy for the physical development of Moreno Valley. It determines how land may be used and the infrastructure and public services that are needed or desired by the community. Some relevant information from the General Plan is:

Specific Plans

Specific Plans identify design and/or development standards that directly relate to the objectives of a particular geographic area and expand upon the general provisions provided within the City’s General Plan and Municipal Code. Some of the City’s Specific Plans are as follows:



  • Indian Street Commerce Center Project 
    The Project site is located within the southern portion of the City of Moreno Valley, in western Riverside County. The Project site is located approximately one-half mile westerly of Perris Boulevard and is bounded by Indian Street to the east. Grove View Road (alignment) comprises the Project site northerly boundary. March Air Reserve Base is located approximately one-third mile west of the Project site. 
  • Moreno Valley Logistics Center
    The project site is located south of Krameria Avenue, north of Cardinal Avenue, east of Heacock Street, and west of Indian Street in the City of Moreno Valley, Riverside County, California. The project site is not included on any list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to California Government Code Section 65962.5. 


For more information about planning, local and regional development, environmental requirements, and more, we have provided the following links.

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