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Yard/Garage Sales

Yard/Garage sales are intended to allow citizens to sell unwanted household or personal items, furniture, tools or clothing. A yard or garage or sale does not include new merchandise or other items purchased for resale.

Yard/garage sales are allowed in the City of Moreno Valley with a maximum of three sales per residence per year. Yard/garage sales cannot be held continually from weekend to weekend.

No permit is required to have a yard/garage sale.

Yard/garage sale merchandise cannot be displayed or conducted on public property, which includes sidewalks, streets, alleys and parkways.

After three yard/garage sales per year the City can cite the resident and/or property owner. If additional yard or garage sales are reported after the citation, possible penalties include, but are not limited to:

  • issuance of a written notice of violation/ warning documenting the violations
  • issuance of administrative citation that carries a fine of $100 - $500 per violation per day
  • a criminal citation to court
  • a property lien

Moreno Valley residents can have up to 3 yard/garage sales per year.