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Budget Information includes a Citizens Guide to the Adopted Budget, Capital Improvement Plan, Successor Agency for the former Redevelopment Agency, Affordable Housing, Community Development Block Grants, HOME Improvement Partnership, and Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Budget Overview

Fiscal Updates

Fiscal Challenges

Throughout the fiscal year and as part of the ongoing budget development, the City Council is presented with various discussions on the long term financial issues impacting the City’s General Fund. The topics are typically scheduled to occur at City Council Study Sessions. The intent is to continually review and discuss details and related impacts for each issue.

Financial Updates

Council Study Sessions

More information may be found on the Financial Operations Reports page.

Budget Development Process

The City of Moreno Valley adopts a two-year budget to plan the use of resources available to provide services for residents and businesses. The next two-year cycle begins July 1, 2019. The Proposed Budget will present projected operating revenues and expenditures for the two fiscal years: Fiscal Years (FY) 2019/20 – 2020/21. The budget includes all component units of the City, including the General Fund, Community Services District and Housing Authority. The Budget includes both Operating Budgets and Capital Improvement Project budget requests.

The review of the proposed budget provides a public process to discuss the City’s proposed budget with the City Council and public to make the process as transparent as possible. The review of the budget as part of this initial adoption, subsequent amendments, and periodic reviews provides an ongoing public process to monitor expenditures and revenues throughout the fiscal years.

As part of the budget adoption process, the City Council has requested a series of discussions related to the proposed budget long-term financial issues impacting the City. These discussions occur through various City Council meetings and study sessions, with the intent to review and discuss details and related impacts. Information presented on these topics will be posted on the City’s web site as part of the posted Agenda Packages. The budget process is an ongoing process throughout each fiscal year with all items continuing to be monitored and reviewed following the initial adoption.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Balancing Act & Tax Payer Receipt

As the City budget for FYs 2019/20 - FY 2020/21 takes shape, your view on how your tax dollars are spent are essential to creating a budget that best services all of our citizens. The City Council and City staff invite you to be part of this process by helping us identify your service and spending priorities for the upcoming biennial budget. The interactive online tool that allows you to “balance” the adopted FY 2018/19 budget in order to help provide feedback for the development of FYs 2019/20 - FY 2020/21 budget. When you enter the online tool there will be prompts to help you use it and More Details icons that will cover additional information such as the meaning of terms and details about the dollar amounts.

In addition for your further information is a Tax Receipt application. This application is intended to estimate the portions of sales and property taxes paid by Moreno Valley residents that are received by the City and available for services such as police and public works. Sales and property taxes are split among several different entities including the County, State and schools. The amounts estimated by this tool only reflect estimated funds collected and used by the City of Moreno Valley.

To access this application please use this link, click here, to receive your estimated receipt information.

Community Feedback – Join The Conversation

Join the Conversation Banner

Moreno Valley prides itself on being a safe, well-maintained community where we can live, do business, or raise a family. Recent state and national changes mean our City must continue to work to maintain our financial stability and community quality of life, no matter what happens with state and federal policies that potentially affect the funding Moreno Valley and other California cities receive.

In past years, the City conducted a series of community surveys which asked the public about a range of issues, including satisfaction with some of the services we provide and issues of concern to the public. Some of the priorities identified by your neighbors in that survey included:

  • Maintaining 911 emergency response times/services
  • Maintaining robbery and burglary suppression programs
  • Protecting local funds from State or regional money grabs
  • Maintaining safe and clean public areas
  • Repairing potholes, local streets, and roads
  • Maintaining the number of sworn police officers on the streets and fire engines in service
  • Improving fire protection services
  • Enhancing recreation and youth programs and facilities

The City would like to hear more from the public as we continue this year’s budget planning process. We are committed to continuing to reflect your priorities in our budget decision-making so our local quality of life is maintained, no matter what happens nationally, regionally or with the economy.

Please join the conversation TODAY. Tell us what is important to you by completing a Community Feedback survey:
Online Feedback Survey | Printable Survey

Budget Development Presentations

All 2019 Budget presentations are available:

  • To access the February 12, 2019 Budget Study Session presentation, please use this link, click here.
  • To access the February 20, 2019 Budget Town Hall meeting presentation, please use this link, click here.
  • To access the April 09, 2019 Budget Study Session presentation, please use this link, click here.
  • To access the April 23, 2019 Finance Subcommittee Budget presentation, please use this link, click here.
  • To access the May 07, 2019 Notice of Public Hearing for the Adoption of the City of Moreno Valley Budget for the Fiscal Year 2019/20 – 2020/21 on Tuesday, May 07, 2019, please use this link, click here.



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