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Moreno Townsite Area Storm Drain and Street Improvements

The City received approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with validation under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to proceed with the design for this joint project with the Riverside Flood Control District and Water Conservation District (RCFC & WCD). The project is to install an underground storm drain in Redlands Boulevard from Alessandro Boulevard to the existing drainage facility Line F to mitigate flooding in the Moreno Townsite Area. The RCFC & WCD has agreed to a partnership with the City on this project by paying for the upsizing of the City’s proposed storm drain resulting in one larger storm drain pipe to avoid having two parallel storm drains in Redlands Boulevard. The design of this storm drain pipe has some significant challenges as it needs to cross under a Southern California Gas and Questar pipeline. The coordination with the various entities and the complex design measures requires detail analysis and engineering thought process. The RCFC & WCD will provide additional funds in an amount up to $1.5 million to add to the federal grant amount of $1.5 million the City has received from FEMA for the project. The City’s consultant will be proceeding with design for this joint project in the next several months and anticipates design completion by September 2015. The construction is tentatively scheduled to start in December2015.