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SR-60/Theodore Street Interchange

The Moreno Valley Freeway, State Route 60 (SR-60), is a major east-west transportation route within Riverside County and an integral part of the freeway network for the Southern California metropolitan area. The entire SR-60 route is considered a Priority Global Gateway trade corridor for movement of international trade. It is also a Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) Route for use by oversized trucks. The SR-60/Theodore Street Interchange has regional significance. It serves as a major access point for the existing and proposed development in the Eastern Moreno Valley area. In 2013, City Council approved a new Capital Improvement Project for the SR-60/Theodore Interchange Improvements. The first phase is underway, consisting of Caltrans-required preliminary engineering and environmental clearance. This project was recently successful in garnering $964,000 in Federal Aid Funds from RCTC for the completion of the first phase. The total cost of the first phase approximately $2,000,000. The first phase is expected to be complete in winter of 2016.