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Land Development

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Mission Statement
The Mission of the Land Development Division is to efficiently and effectively partner in the development process by ensuring sustainable infrastructure with a commitment in making every customer experience a positive one.

The Land Development Division provides engineering services to developers, business owners, and residents. The Division provides various programs and services. They include:

  • Storm Water Management Program – Provides environmental regulatory services related to flooding and storm water quality.
  • Entitlement – Processing of planning development applications, and conditions of approval.
  • Plan Design Review – Reviews all private development projects within the City.
  • Inspection – Performs inspections for all development-related improvements.
  • Support Assistance – Provide administrative services including, but not limited to agreement and security administration, and permit issuance.

Online Service Portal

Visit our online service portal called SimpliCITY to view project related information.

Upload Documents Through SimpliCITY

The City continues to work at the speed of business. To help facilitate document review and approvals for development projects, the City is now able to accept additional items electronically. Please see the attached for additional information. You may call 951.413.3120 if you have any questions.

Phone: 951.413.3120

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