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Special Districts, a Division of the Public Works Department, administers special district financings which are formed by property owners to fund services beyond the normal and customary services provided by the City.

The Special Districts staff strives to provide high quality administration and cost effective maintenance of service based programs that offer maintenance of arterial and residential street lighting and parkway and median landscaping to the residential communities and commercial/industrial developments throughout the City. Additionally, the Special Districts Division offers opportunities for future district formations to finance necessary public infrastructure and benefit services to accommodate the City’s growing commercial/industrial and residential needs.

To view the status of a Special Districts development project (landscape construction or special election) or request for landscape maintenance service, visit our service portal called SimpliCITY


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Special Districts Division Manager
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City Responds to Governor’s Executive Order Regarding the Drought

On April 1st, the Governor issued an Executive Order regarding the drought. Directive 6 of the Executive Order prohibits the irrigation of ornamental turf on public street medians with potable water. On April 2nd, irrigation was turned off to the turf at the following locations: Alessandro Blvd. medians (between Old 215 Frontage Rd to Indian St.), Centerpoint Dr. medians (between Frederick St. and Town Circle), Towngate Blvd. medians (between Frederick St. and Eucalyptus Ave.) and Parkland Ave. medians located in residential housing Tract 18512 (west of Heacock St., south of Manzanita Ave.). The trees and plants in those medians continue to be irrigated. Landscaped medians in the southeastern area of the community (e.g. Moreno Valley Ranch) are irrigated with recycled water and not affected by the Governor’s Executive Order.

Signs have been placed in the medians notifying the public of the City’s commitment to conserving water and compliance with the Governor’s directive. The City is currently evaluating various drought tolerant plant materials to be installed in the medians where the turf will be removed. However, installation of the new landscaping may not occur until the fall or when temperatures cool. Plants have a greater survival rate when planted during cooler months and require less water than in hotter months.

To see more Special Districts news, visit the News Archive.

Quick Links

Street Lights

Need to report a street light outage?  The first step is to determine who maintains the street light.

Southern California Edison
Southern California Edison (SCE) maintained street lights have a vertical metal plate on the pole just above eye level with a 7 digit number ending with an E (e.g. 1234567E).  Nonworking street lights maintained by SCE can be reported directly to SCE by calling 1.800.611.1911, reporting the outage on SCE’s website SCE Street Light Repair Request, or  downloading SCE’s Outages app for your smartphone. 

Moreno Valley Electric Utility
Moreno Valley Electric Utility (MVU) maintained street lights have a metal plate towards the bottom of the pole with a 3 or 4 digit number ending with either MV or MVU (e.g. 123-MVU).  Nonworking street lights maintained by MVU can be reporting by calling 844.341.6469 or by email at mvutility@moval.org.

Edgemont Community Services District
Street lights within the Edgemont Community Services District (ECSD) service area can be reported by calling 951.653.5120.  The ECSD service area is generally the western city boundary at Alessandro Blvd. to Cottonwood Ave to Frederick St. with an additional area west of Day St., north of Cottonwood Ave. to the northern city boundary.    

Acrobat Map of ECSD

If you are still not sure who maintains the street light please contact our office at 951.413.3480, email us at specialdistricts@moval.org, or submit a Street Light Repair Request and we will forward your request to the appropriate utility provider.


The City of Moreno Valley provides landscape maintenance to medians, parkways, and open space areas throughout the city. If you see an area of concern (e.g. a tree or shrub extending into the sidewalk or a broken sprinkler) please contact our office at 951.413.3480 or specialdistricts@moval.org, or submit an online request through the Landscape Service Request Form.

Property Tax Information

Developer Info

Developer FAQs

  • I need to ballot or annex into an existing district to satisfy a condition of development.
  • Is there a cost to conduct the mail ballot proceeding or annexation?

    Yes, there is an administrative fee to cover the cost of preparing all required documents.  The current fee can be found under the Special Districts section of the City Fee Table.

  • How much time do I need to complete this process?

    From start to finish, it is about 90 days, which includes the required 45-day noticing period.  Also taken into consideration is the time to prepare the required documents and the scheduling of the public meeting and public hearing at two separate regularly scheduled City Council meetings.

  • How do I start the ballot or annexation process?

    Contact the Special Districts Division at 951.413.3480 or specialdistricts@moval.org.

  • The project I am constructing requires the installation of median or parkway landscaping.

  • Who should I contact regarding submittal of landscape plans?

    Contact the Special Districts Division at 951.413.3480 or specialdistricts@moval.org.

  • Is there a cost to review the landscape plans?

    Yes. A landscape plan check fee will need to be paid at the same time as submittal of the landscape plans.  The current fee can be found under the Special Districts section of the City Fee Table.

  • Is there a specific format to submit the landscape plans?

    Yes. Please use the Title Sheet and Plan Sheet (pdf and dwg formats) and the Landscape Design Guidelines when preparing the landscape plans.

  • What is the turnaround time to plan check landscape plans?

    Corrections are typically returned to the applicant within two weeks.

  • Is there a cost for inspections during construction of the landscaping?

    Yes.  A landscape inspection fee will need to be paid prior to the commencement of construction.  The current fee can be found under the Special Districts section of the City Fee Table.

  • I will be installing street lights as part of the project I am constructing.

  • Are there any fees that I need to pay?

    Yes.  There is an administrative fee and an Advanced Energy Fee per street light pole.  The current fee can be found under the Land Development sections of the City Fee Table.  A copy of the fee receipt needs to be provided to the City’s Special Districts Division prior to permit issuance and can be emailed to specialdistricts@moval.org.

  • Do I need to obtain an authorization to install the street lights?

    Yes.  In addition to any plans required by the City or utility provider, a Street Light Authorization form will be required.  The Street Light Authorization form is to be completed by the developer and submitted to the Special Districts Division for authorization.  The Street Light Authorization form is a requirement prior to energization of the street lights.  Please contact the Special Districts Division at 951.413.3480 or specialdistricts@moval.org to obtain the Street Light Authorization form.

  • Once the street lights are installed, who will be maintaining the facilities and paying the utility bills?

    Street lights installed on publicly maintained streets are typically maintained by the utility provider.  The monthly utility costs associated with the newly installed street lights will be paid through the Moreno Valley CSD, which are funded through taxes or charges collected by property owners through payment of their property tax bills.

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photo pf front yard landscapingBenefits of Landscaping

Landscaping provides identity and character to communities. A well-designed landscape not only adds beauty to your home, but it offers other benefits to include an enriched quality of life, improved environmental conditions and enhanced property values.

  • Studies reveal depression was lowered by 71 percent when people walked outdoors in landscaped environments. Stress levels were also decreased and moods were improved. Studies found that property crimes were less frequent in those neighborhoods with well managed landscapes.
  • Environmental benefits include environmental cleaners, water protectors, air cleaners, noise minimizers, slope stabilizers, wind barrier, drainage improvements, and natural coolant.
  • According to a 2013 National Association of Realtors survey, curb appeal is important to 71 percent of homebuyers when choosing their next home. Upgrading a home's landscape from average to excellent can raise its overall value by 10 to 12 percent, according to research from Virginia Tech and other studies
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a well-thought out landscape design with proper tree placement can save up to 25 percent of a typical home’s energy use. Summer air temperatures in tree-shaded neighborhoods can be 3 to 6 degrees cooler than treeless areas.

Water-wise landscape is critical to California. Eastern Municipal Water District has developed water-wise landscape resources. Guidelines for selecting region appropriate plant materials have been developed by Riverside County. A list of non-invasive plants has also been created to aid in preserving the state’s wetlands and the eco system.

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