Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial Construction

How It Began

The idea for the Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial arose from an appearance before the City Council by Mary Carriere, whose son, Lance Corporal Jason Tetrault, was killed in action on July 9, 2003 in Kuwait. As a result of that discussion, the City Council approved funding for the design of a memorial in Moreno Valley, and a committee that included Mrs. Carriere, Mayor Charles R. White, Mayor Pro Tem William H. Batey, II, Laura Froehlich and Kevin Kearby, was formed to work on this important project. The Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial is located at the Moreno Valley Civic Center, 14177 Frederick Street, between the Conference and Recreation Center and the Public Safety Building. The Memorial is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Construction Photos

01/30/07 02/06/07 02/13/07
Construction photo construction photo construction photo
02/20/07 02/28/07 03/06/07
Veterans memorial construction 02/20/07 Construction as of 02/28/07 Construction as of 03/06/07

03/14/07 03/21/07 3/29/07
Construction as of 031407 Picture of current construction Current construction at monument
04/05/07 04/11/07 04/18/07
Picture of cureent Memorial construction Picture of current construction of the memorial Picture of continuing construction
04/25/07 05/07/07 05/14/07
Picture of continueing construction Picture of latest construction Picture of construction progress
05/21/07 05/28/07 06/08/07
Construction Progress at memorial Picture of currrent construction of the memorial Picture of current construction on memorial


Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking Ceremony








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