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May 12, 2003

CONTACT: Gene Rogers
City Manager

Moreno Valley delegation heads to Sacramento
City officials to participate in "Legislative Action Day" to ask area legislators to protect local government funds

As state legislators continue to debate solutions to California's budget crisis, Moreno Valley City officials are preparing to head to Sacramento May 14 and 15 to persuade area legislators to keep local funding intact.

"We don't want the state budget balanced on the backs of local government," said City Manager Gene Rogers. "There are proposals being floated that would result in the taking of $1million to $5million annually from the city coffers. There is absolutely no justification for robbing local government of their revenues to bail the state out of its mess. Even during the surplus of the 90s, the state never restored the money it took during the last budget crisis. Our goal on this trip is to help our state representatives understand the very serious impact current budget proposals could have on the ability of cities to provide services," he said.

City officials will be among several throughout the state who are going to the State Capitol. The trip is part of an overall strategy or movement called "Leave Our Community Assets Local," a growing grassroots network of local and state individuals and organizations in California representing public safety, business, labor, health, local government, seniors and community groups. The LOCAL Coalition has united around the growing imperative to protect local services by protecting local government revenues from being further reduced to solve state budget problems. The LOCAL Coalition will be actively involved in this year's budget process to ensure funding for essential local services is not compromised.

Moreno Valley Councilmembers or the City Manager are available now and will be available during Legislative Action Days to answer reporters' questions concerning the state budget and its likely impact on local governments.

Contact City Manager Gene Rogers at 909.413.3020 or the Media and Communications Office at 909.413.3053 for more information.