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News Release

December 1, 2003

CONTACT: Andrew Bennett, Fire Marshal

Half-day minimal staffing at City Hall on December 3
Animal Shelter, Library closed until early afternoon

Moreno Valley City Hall will have minimal staffing on Wednesday, December 3, because most employees will be attending the annual All Employees Meeting.

"The meeting is held each year to recognize city employees who have reached their service anniversary milestones," said Angela Rushen, Assistant to the City Manager/Media and Communications. "This is the only meeting where the majority of city staff can get together in one place to review and celebrate their accomplishments of the past year and discuss plans for the future," she said.

Front desk staff will be available at City Hall to provide service to people who need to conduct city business on the morning of December 3. Full staffing at City Hall will resume at 1:30 p.m.

The Animal Shelter and Library will be closed Wednesday morning. The Animal shelter will open to the public at 1:30 p.m. The library opens at 2 p.m.