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February 5, 2004

CONTACT: Glenn Waggoner
Building and Safety

City takes action against blighted dwellings

Moreno Valley's Building & Safety Division has been successful in getting a court ordered receiver to take possession of three derelict multi-family apartment buildings in the area of Allies Place, Adrienne Avenue, Courage Street and Pride Lane.

The tenants lived in squalor while the building owner abandoned the property. Ultimately two of the three buildings were boarded up, displacing eight families. In an effort to preserve housing stock, eliminate blight and reduce calls for service (police, fire, code and building) the city used a seldom-used law found in the Health & Safety Code that allows for an agency to petition a receiver to take possession and control of the property.

Taking possession of a property in this manner is used only in the most egregious cases, however all rental property owners should take notice. "Landlords who provide substandard living conditions for tenants and do a poor job of maintaining their property may face significant enforcement action," said Senior Code Compliance Officer for Housing, Glenn Waggoner. "When necessary, we will use this program to eliminate blight and reduce rundown housing in our city," he said.

For more information, contact the city's Building and Safety Division at 413.3350.