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March 12, 2004

CONTACT: Angela Rushen
Media and Communications Office 909.413.3053

Official city web site redesigned
Site has new features, enhanced capability

The official web site of the City of Moreno Valley has a new look. The redesigned site, , was launched this week and has new features and capabilities that make the site more dynamic and informative.

"The previous design was award-winning and worked well for several years. But it was time to make some changes," said Angela Rushen, who manages the city's media and communications division, which is responsible for web site content. "We worked over several months with our web consultant, tWrite, Inc. , and developed a site that is easier to navigate, supports a larger volume of information and has a brighter, cleaner overall look and feel," she said.

Visitors will immediately notice that the redesign makes the most frequently requested information easier to access. New content includes a section on Moreno Valley Utilities; a "How Do I," section with answers to commonly asked questions; improved listing for employment opportunities and pet adoption search; real-time weather information on the weather page; a Street Light reporting form; and city department pages with new content from Public Works, Finance and more.

Moreno Valley's site is "Level 1" ADA compliant, with certain pages reaching compliance with "Level 3" guidelines, which enables individuals with certain disabilities to access information from the site. The home page has a text-only version with the same information and links to other site sections (level 3 compliance); drop-down menu links are repeated on section index pages; there is a text-based table of contents; all images have descriptive text; all pages use cascading style sheets to format text appearance; pages have a discreet link (not seen by those using visual browsers) to skip page navigation and go directly to page content; and although pages use tables, they are greatly simplified so that they flow in a logical order for web site readers.

For more information about Moreno Valley's redesigned web site, contact the city's Media and Communications office at 909.413.3053.

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