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News Release

December 21, 2004

Contact: Tom Breitkreuz
Enterprise Services Manager

City Electric Utility serving more than 1,000 meters
Number exceeds goal set for 2004

The Moreno Valley electric utility has installed 1,026 new service meters since it started providing electrical service on February 6, 2004. The number exceeds the goal of setting at least 1,000 new service meters when the utility first began operating earlier this year.

“Once the utility began operating, things moved along at a fast pace,” said Moreno Valley Enterprise Services Manager, Tom Breitkreuz. “We told the public that we expected to achieve setting at least 1,000 new service meters by the end of the year, and we are pleased that we have surpassed that goal,” Breitkreuz said.

The majority of meters are serving single family residential and multifamily developments on the east end of the city. Moreno Valley’s first major industrial meter has been installed to provide power to the newly relocated Serta Mattress Manufacturing Facility, located at Graham Street and Alessandro Boulevard.

Moreno Valley’s electrical utility is expected to energize three additional major commercial customers in the first part of 2005: The IDI industrial building, housing a major retail distribution center on the south end of Perris Boulevard; the city’s Conference and Recreation Center (currently under construction at Frederick Street and Alessandro Boulevard); and the Wal-Mart Super Store at Moreno Beach Drive.

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