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News Release

September 15, 2005

CONTACT:Alan Kashefi, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Division

Box Springs Road construction at Route 60/I-215 freeway

On Monday, September 19, 2005, Caltrans will begin work on the westbound connector to the Route 60/I-215 freeway at Box Springs Road. The existing traffic signal will be replaced with stop signs, which will significantly increase traffic congestion at the on/off ramp.

Moreno Valley commuters are encouraged to use the Day Street interchange at Route 60 to avoid the increased congestion on Box Springs Road. Caltrans and the City of Moreno Valley will modify signal timings to facilitate access to the Day Street interchange.

Caltrans has installed a changeable message sign (CMS) on the westbound side of Box Springs Road to inform the public about the upcoming construction. Reconstruction of the Box Springs interchange is expected to take 18 months to complete. For more information, contact Moreno Valley’s Traffic Engineering Division at 413.3140.