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October 14, 2005

CONTACT: Media and Communications

Moreno Valley Public Library re-opening delayed

The Moreno Valley Public Library, closed for nearly two weeks to remove mold and address water problems in the Community Room and tentatively scheduled to reopen on October 17, will remain closed to the public and staff indefinitely due to water intrusion problems and mold found under the carpet in the library.

During the past two weeks, testing of the mold was completed and the city's health and environmental expert determined that there is no significant health risk from the identified mold. The mold was removed from the Community Room and the city has continued to attempt to locate the sources of the water intrusion into the building. As part of this effort, the city initiated the process of replacing carpet in the entire facility. As some carpet squares were pulled up in the library, mold was discovered on the rubberized back of these squares, indicating that the water intrusion into the library is more pervasive than the first examination indicated.

The mold was contained under the rubberized carpet and previous test results showed no airborne mold spores in the main library however, the city is re-testing as a precaution. Mold removal will begin immediately in the remaining areas where mold exists. Once that is completed the city will attempt to locate the source of the water and make the necessary repairs. To complete this properly, everything must be removed from the library and sufficient time must be given for all repairs to be made, including the installation of new carpet. Then the furniture, books and other items removed from the building need to be moved back in to make the library operational again.

The city is reviewing alternatives for providing a temporary home for the library. In the meantime, library patrons may use their Moreno Valley Public Library Cards to borrow materials from the libraries in the Inland Library Network, which includes libraries in both Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The branches nearest Moreno Valley are the Perris Branch, located at 163 E. San Jacinto, in the city of Perris , and the Woodcrest Branch, located at 17024 Van Buren, in the city of Riverside .

For more information, please call the Media and Communications Office at 951.413.3053.