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News Release

May 26, 2005

Contact: LaShawn Butler
Children’s Services Supervisor


Moreno Valley Council Member William H. Batey, II has announced the winners of his annual reading contest for after-school programs offered through Moreno Valley Parks and Recreation.

The contest encouraged students to read books from February through May of this year, and promised a field trip to the Magic Bear store at Moreno Valley Mall for the after-school site that read the most books.

“This year the students did so well and in some cases the points were so close that I decided to reward the top four sites,” said Council Member Batey. “The top four sites are Edgemont Elementary, El Potrero Elementary, Box Springs Elementary and Serrano Elementary,” he said. The top two readers this year are Kristen King of Box Springs Elementary and Seryna Valle of Serrano Elementary.

Kristen and Seryna will be treated as special guests of the Magic Bear store on June 2, and are allowed to pick the biggest bears in the store. Each student that participated in the reading contest was required to read books with more than 100 pages. Students also had to complete a book report on each title in order to receive points. The students will be recognized at the June 14th City Council Meeting during “Special Presentations,” which begin at 6:00 pm.

For more information about the annual reading program, call LaShawn Butler at 413.3712 or call the Moreno Valley Parks and Recreation Department at 413.3280.