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News Release

January 11, 2006

CONTACT: John Terell
Planning Official

Planning Commission continues to discuss city General Plan

The Planning Commission will continue the public hearing process of the comprehensive update to the City’s General Plan on January 12, 2006. When the Commission met on December 15, 2005, an overview of the General Plan document was presented and discussions began on proposed land use changes. The January 12th meeting will continue with the discussions of proposed land use changes.

The General Plan hearing will be continued to January 26, 2006. At that time, the City’s Housing and Circulation goals and objectives are scheduled to be discussed. It is expected that additional meetings on the General Plan will occur in February.

A General Plan is a document that provides guidance for the physical development of the City and addresses such matters as land use, circulation, parks and public safety.

The City adopted its General Plan initially in 1988. It was the City’s first document identifying the City’s goals and objectives. From time to time there have been amendments to the General Plan addressing changes that have occurred in the community. However, this is the first comprehensive update of the General Plan.

The primary changes to the document are as follows:

  • Simplification of the document. The General Plan was initially established prior to other City documents, and therefore, the document provided standards and details in addition to providing general guidance. As the City has, over time, adopted a Municipal Code, Public Works Standards, Landscape Guidelines and other implementing documents, the General Plan can be simplified to be only a guidance document as intended by State Law.
  • Changes to land use to provide a more balanced community of housing, employment and economic viability.
  • Changes to circulation reflecting regional, community and future growth needs.
  • Updating the existing setting of the City, recognizing the changes that have occurred over the past 17 years.

The Planning Commission hearing will be held in the City’s Council Chamber at 7:00 p.m. on January 12, 2006.