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News Release

May 16, 2006

CONTACT:Cynthia Pirtle
Library Director

Library makes it easier for voters to prepare
for the primary election

Between now and Election Day, the Moreno Valley Public Library is ready to be a key point of nonpartisan information for voters. Voters preparing for the June 6, 2006 Primary Election can now visit the library and pick up a free Easy Voter Guide in English and Spanish.

“Voters are being asked to elect candidates for local and statewide races to compete against each other on the November General Election,” said Library Director, Cynthia Pirtle. “Additionally, they are to decide on two ballot measures affecting funding for library infrastructure and preschool. We are pleased to be able to offer free nonpartisan Easy Voter Guides so our community can understand what will be on the ballot,” Pirtle said.

The nonpartisan 16-page Easy Voter Guide provides a concise overview of the two statewide propositions in layperson language. It also features job descriptions, and a list of candidates running for statewide offices along with statements and photos from candidates to Governor, U.S. Senate and Superintendent of Public Instruction. The guide includes voting tips and resources for more information. It is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

The guide’s straightforward language and user-friendly feel are the result of a community-driven design and editing process. Downloadable versions of the Easy Voter Guide and a wide range of nonpartisan voter education tools are available at