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December 08, 2006

CONTACT: Media and Communications

City launches online crime reporting form

Moreno Valley residents can now use the City’s official Web site to report certain types of crime to the police department.

Residents can go to and report theft, burglary of a home, vehicle or business, harassing telephone calls, vandalism and lost or stolen property.

“The Internet can be an efficient way for citizens in Moreno Valley to report certain types of criminal activity,” said Moreno Valley Police Lieutenant, Lee Wagner. “Of course, in a major emergency, people should dial 9-1-1, and there are certain types of crimes that must be reported by phone or to a police officer in person. But for some crimes, reporting online makes a lot of sense. We believe many people will appreciate the convenience of having this service,” he said.

For more information about reporting crimes online in Moreno Valley, contact the Moreno Valley Police Department at 951.486.6700.