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May 2, 2007
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City Manager Appoints
Parks and Community Services Director

Moreno Valley City Manager Robert G. Gutierrez has appointed Michael McCarty as Parks and Community Services Director. McCarty has 28 years of parks and recreation experience, and has served as a director for 21 of those years. He comes to Moreno Valley from the City of Yuma, Arizona, and was a director in several California cities including Yucaipa, San Leandro, and Napa. In Moreno Valley, McCarty will be responsible for planning, organizing and directing the operations of the Parks and Community Services Department. He will supervise recreation, golf, park planning, development and maintenance activities. He will also oversee the Conference and Recreation Center, Senior/Community Center, the Child Care program, and a variety of other related functions.
“Michael’s experience directing parks and community services in a number of different cities will be an asset to Moreno Valley,” said Gutierrez. “He has the right combination of parks development and recreation experience and a solid commitment to community service and involvement. He will be a fine addition to the City’s Executive Team,” Gutierrez said.

McCarty is joining Moreno Valley at a time of tremendous economic and population growth. As director, he will plan for, acquire and construct new community parks and facilities, and create and implement a park master plan that will drive the development of new parks and facilities on a regional basis for the next 20 years. “I’m looking forward to relocating to and working in the Moreno Valley community,” said McCarty. I’ll have an opportunity to work on important projects – some immediate – others more long term – that will have a positive impact on this community for years to come. It’s exciting and I’m ready to get to work,” he said.

McCarty has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from Humboldt State University. He starts work in Moreno Valley on May 21.