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April 16, 2008
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Compliance check nets violations

The Moreno Valley Police Department’s Special Enforcement Team and City Code Compliance officers in cooperation with the State Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) conducted a two-day inspection of 16 Moreno Valley barber shops/hair salons, and found a number of violations totaling more than $25,000 in fines.

The inspections were conducted on April 2, and April 15.  There were 133 DCA business violations, and most of these involved shop owners operating without a business license or individuals barbering without a state license.   During the inspections on April 2, officers made one felony arrest for a concealed firearm/parole violation and seized a half-ounce of marijuana.  Three misdemeanor arrest warrants were served, one handgun was recovered and a disabled person parking citation was issued.  No criminal violations were found during the inspections conducted on April 15.

“The inspection of the barber shops and salons are similar to other types of public safety-related operations we conduct in the City, including our alcohol and tobacco minor decoy program, DUI checkpoints, pirated DVD sales operations, and illegal food vendors,” said Moreno Valley Police Chief Rick Hall.

“Some in the community have characterized these inspections as ‘raids’ targeted at specific ethnic groups.  That characterization is inaccurate.  The fact is the City regularly inspects all types of business operations from street food vendors to small ‘mom and pop’ shops to large, major businesses.  The goal is ensure that all businesses in Moreno Valley are operating lawfully and are complying with public health and safety codes,” said Mayor William H. Batey II.