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November 7, 2008
CONTACT:Media and Communication

To improve the convenience and accuracy of communicating the City's Web site address, the City is promoting a shorter version

The City owns several Web site domain aliases that contain the Moreno Valley name and is now able to offer a shorter version to the public as a convenient alternative to the full, official Web site address, The longer official address will continue to work, but the shorter address, which matches the City's e-mail domain, may be easier for people to remember.

Moreno Valley is promoting on its government access cable television channel MVTV-3. The shorter Web site address will begin appearing on City-produced printed material as existing items with the longer version of the address are exhausted.

The City's Web site began operating in July 1997 and won an award from the California Association of Public Information Officers in 1999. The site underwent a major redesign in 2003. A minor redesign was conducted in 2008 after the City launched its new logo and tagline.

For more information about the Web site, call 951.413.3053.