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December 3, 2008
CONTACT: Steve Fries
Animal Services Division Manager 951.413.3790

City Shelter Animals Going Home for the Holidays

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter is participating in the annual Home 4 the Holidays animal adoption campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to find loving homes for animals during the holiday season.  Since the adoption campaign began on October 1, 2008, a total of 371 animals have been adopted from the Shelter as part of the campaign.

The first Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption drive began in 1999 when the Helen Woodward Animal Center organized 14 San Diego area shelters to work together finding homes for orphaned pets during the holiday season.  By the end of the 6-week drive, 2,563 orphaned dogs and cats were waking up each morning with their new families.

“This campaign gives us another opportunity to encourage people to provide a loving, caring home for animals that need someone to care for them,” said Steve Fries, Moreno Valley’s Animal Services Division Manager. “Home 4 the Holidays has been very successful in placing animals, and we look forward to many more animals becoming pets of concerned Moreno Valley residents this holiday season,” he said.

For more information about how to adopt an animal from the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, call 951.413.3790 or visit the city’s web site at and click on the “Animal Shelter” tab under “Resident Services.”