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June 25, 2008
CONTACT:Media and Communications

City Manager announces organizational changes

Moreno Valley City Manager Robert G. Gutierrez has made organizational changes that impact the City’s Administrative Services, Finance and Library Services departments.

Gutierrez said that the upcoming retirement of the Finance Director combined with the departure of the City’s former Library Director and Animal Services Division Manager have afforded him the opportunity to review these operations within the context of the City’s current budget challenges. As a result of that review he has announced the following organizational changes:

The Administrative Services and Finance departments are being consolidated into the Financial & Administrative Services Department effective July 1, 2008. Administrative Services Director Steve Elam will assume the role of Financial & Administrative Services Director. Finance Director Steven M. Chapman, who is retiring in early January 2009, will begin the special assignment of leading the City’s educational effort on the Utility User’s Tax. A measure to update the tax will be on the November ballot. “Steve Chapman’s expertise and knowledge of this critical revenue source makes him the ideal person to lead the City’s UUT education efforts,” Gutierrez said. “He will also be working on other special projects from my office and help Steve Elam during the transition process,” he said.

In the area of Library Services, Gutierrez appointed Principal Librarian Becky Guillan as Acting Library Services Division Manager. Guillan takes the reigns from former Library Director Cynthia Pirtle, who now works for Newport Beach. Gutierrez said that Guillan will serve as acting manager until the State budget is approved and other internal financial and operational issues have been analyzed. “Becky has extensive knowledge of the Library’s operations and is currently involved with the design process for the new Main Library and with the Library Master Plan project,” Gutierrez said.

In Animal Services – a division of the Administrative Services Department – Senior Management Analyst Michelle Dawson, of the City Manager’s Office, will serve as Acting Animal Services Division Manager while the City completes a recruitment to fill the vacancy left by long-serving former manager Linda Wieczorek. Last week, Wieczorek left Moreno Valley to pursue a new opportunity to start a non-profit animal rescue. “Michelle has considerable prior experience in animal services and is very well suited to oversee this vital operation of the City,” Gutierrez said.

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