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September 3, 2008
CONTACT:  Michelle Pierce
Electric Utility Program Coordinator 951.413.3511

Moreno Valley Utility announces “2008 Solar Special”

Customers of Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) now have another reason to consider solar – a rebate that can cut the cost of their installation by 40% or more. On August 26, 2008, the Moreno Valley City Council approved the “2008 Solar Special Program,” designed to help MVU customers at the same time it is helping the City meet its renewable energy goals.

“Our Solar Special reflects the basic standards set by the California Solar Initiative,” said Electric Utility Division Manager, George Hanson. “But we wanted to make our rebate more generous, and our process simpler, to encourage more participation,” he said.

MVU customers who take advantage of the 2008 Solar Special can get a rebate of $4.00/AC Watt. Like the program offered through Southern California Edison, solar installations must be on the customer’s premises, and offset part or all of the customer’s own electricity demand. Systems must have a meter that measures how much electricity is generated and therefore how much credit the customer earns against the monthly utility bill. Under California’s net metering law, customers can only “zero out” their bill – they cannot earn credit for excess electricity production.

Electric Utility Program Coordinator, Michelle Pierce, worked with consulting firm EcoMotion to design a straightforward application process. “We have a seven-step process that is as simple as we could make it,” Pierce said. “It starts with a completed application form which reserves your rebate,” she said.

The maximum rebate for a residential installation is $25,000; the maximum for a commercial or industrial system is $100,000. Money for the rebates comes from the Public Purpose Program Fund set up when MVU began providing service to customers in 2004. A part of each customer’s bill goes into the Fund, and the money is required to be used for programs or discounts that support energy efficiency and renewable energy.

According to Ted Flanigan, President of EcoMotion, MVU’s 2008 Solar Special competes favorably with other municipal utility rebate programs, such as those in Riverside, Anaheim, Glendale, Pasadena and Burbank. The program is also timed to take advantage of the Federal Income Tax credit. Based on 30% of the cost of the new system, capped at $2,000 for residential systems but with no cap for commercial systems, the credit is scheduled to last only through December, just like the Solar Special.

Scrren shot of website menuFor more information about the 2008 Solar Rebate and to download forms, visit and look for 2008 Solar Special under the Resident Services tab.