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July 24, 2009
CONTACT: Steve Fries
Animal Services Division Manager

Animal Shelter’s Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Summer

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter urges residents to keep the safety of their pets in mind during these hot summer days. Please take extra precautions to keep your family pet safe:

  • Never leave a pet alone inside a vehicle; even with windows cracked, temperatures can rise quickly causing pets to die from heatstroke.
  • Exercise your pet in the early morning hours or in the evenings when temperatures are cooler. • Provide outdoor pets with plenty of shade and access to a fresh supply of water at all times.
  • Avoid walking your pet on hot asphalt or concrete as the high temperatures will cause their body temperature to quickly rise and the hot surfaces can burn their paws.
  • Old and overweight pets should be kept in air conditioned rooms as much as possible especially during the hot time of the day as they are more likely to overheat.
  • Keep your pet well groomed to help prevent summer skin problems. Don't shave off a pet's entire coat as it serves to protect them from sunburn and acts as a cooling insulation for most pets.
  • See your local veterinarian for a summer checkup, discuss heartworm protection, and receive a recommendation on safe, effective methods for flea and tick control.
  • Consider microchipping your pet for permanent identification and keep a current license or pet ID tag on your pet in case your pet becomes lost.

For more information contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790. The Animal Shelter is located at 14041 Elsworth Street.

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