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News Release  

October 24, 2011
CONTACT: Steve Fries
Animal Services Division Manager

Ordinance to Control Pet Overpopulation Approved

On October 11, 2011 the Moreno Valley City Council adopted Ordinance Number 833 requiring all dogs and cats in the city to be spayed or neutered. The new ordinance will become effective in mid-November.

The Animal Services Division encourages residents to be responsible pet owners by containing their pets on their own property, keeping their pets current on their rabies and other routine vaccinations, and maintaining their pets' licenses.

Pet owners who are found to be in violation of any local or state animal control regulations will be required to have their pet spayed or neutered. Examples of a violation include allowing a dog to run loose in the community, possession of an unvaccinated (rabies vaccination) or unlicensed dog, and animals creating a public nuisance, to name a few.

There are several exemptions. The new ordinance will not affect pet owners who are in compliance with local and state animal control regulations. In addition, City residents with the following pets are exempt from the new ordinance:

  • Any dog or cat that has been medically qualified by a California licensed veterinarian, which is unable to be spayed or neutered due to the likelihood of the animal suffering serious bodily injury or death due to age or infirmity.
  • Any dog or cat recognized and registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), or other national registry.
  • A dog used by law enforcement or the military for law enforcement, military or rescue activities.
  • A qualified service or assistance dog as defined in California Food & Agriculture Code Section 30850.

The Animal Services Division will begin to enforce the mandatory spaying and neutering of dogs and cats in mid-November 2011.

For more information, please contact Moreno Valley Animal Services at 951.413.3790.

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