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October 31, 2011
CONTACT: City Clerk's Office

City of Moreno Valley Redraws
Councilmanic Boundaries

Federal law requires the City adjust the boundaries of the City Council Districts following the 2010 Federal Census count that clearly indicated that Moreno Valley's population had grown. The deadline to complete the redistricting process is November 1, 2011. The City Council adopted the following criteria to guide the process of adjusting the boundaries of the districts:

  • Adherence to the Voting Rights Act,
  • Respect towards communities of interest,
  • Following visible natural and man-made boundaries,
  • Compactness and contiguity,
  • Preservation of each district's population and territory as much as possible, and
  • Avoidance of locating more than one current Council Member in any one district as much as possible.

The City Council conducted substantial outreach efforts to obtain public input on the changing district boundaries. Citizens' Community Meetings were held on September 12 and 15, 2011. A redistricting webpage was added to the City's website that provided citizens an opportunity to draft and submit map proposals electronically utilizing an on-line redistricting tool. Finally, Public Hearings were conducted on October 11 and 25, 2011.

National Demographics Corporation provided consulting services for the City. With over 30 years of experience, the firm assisted the City with previous councilmanic redistricting efforts. National Demographics analyzed the changed demographics, proposed redistricting map options, and evaluated all draft maps including submittals from the community for consistency with the adopted redistricting criteria.

The City of Moreno Valley completed the process of adjusting Councilmanic district boundaries at the Regular City Council Meeting on October 25, 2011, at which the Council considered three proposed maps: Consultant's Draft Plan Map 3, Public Plan No. 9 and Public Plan No. 10. Ultimately, an amended version of Public Plan No. 9 was adopted.

Map 9

Specific boundaries for each Council District can be seen on the District maps on the following pages:

Map 9 District 1

Map 9 District 2

MAp 9 District 3

Map9 District 4

Map 9 District 5

For more information about Moreno Valley's Councilmanic Redistricting, visit the Redistricting web site at or call 951.413.3001.

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