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September 13, 2012
CONTACT: Alice Rod
Management Analyst

Celebrating Gold: Moreno Valley Cuts Energy Waste and Saves Money

The City of Moreno Valley has achieved a noteworthy milestone in its efforts to save energy and money on utility expenses! Southern California Edison (SCE) recently recognized Moreno Valley for its accomplishments with a promotion to Gold Tier status within the Energy Leader Partnership. Moreno Valley is one of just a handful of cities in SCE’s service territory to reach this impressive accomplishment.

The Energy Leader Partnership offers rebates and incentives to cities that participate by making concrete energy savings. The Partnership encourages cities to “lead by example” by cutting energy use throughout municipal buildings. The more cities save, the bigger the incentives are.

By reaching the Gold Tier, Moreno Valley has already cut at least 10% of its energy consumption from all municipal buildings since 2004, reducing energy use by more than half a million kWh, avoiding many greenhouse gas emissions, and saving almost $100,000. Through marketing and outreach, the City has simultaneously encouraged residents and businesses to do their part, reducing more than 20% of energy waste within the community. The City has also completed an ambitious Energy Action Plan to guide its long-term energy saving goals.

Moreno Valley is a part of the Community Energy Partnership (CEP), a local government partnership of eight southern California cities, Southern California Gas Company, Southern California Edison, and The Energy Coalition. The CEP supports Moreno Valley in reducing municipal and community energy consumption through the Energy Leader Partnership. Moreno Valley has been a part of the CEP since 2004.

For more information and resources to help you enhance your home’s energy efficiency, check out the City’s website at:

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