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Archived News Release  

September 25, 2012
CONTACT: Jeff Bradshaw
Planning Department

Notice of Completion of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for a Proposed Warehouse Project

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (P12-057) for the RPT Centerpointe West Project has been prepared and is available for public review and comment. The proposed project includes the following applications:

  • PA12-0020 proposes adding 507,720 SF to an existing 779,016 SF warehouse building for a total of 1,286,736 SF on an 18.6 acre site located at the northwest of Cactus Ave. and Graham St. This project requires the vacation of existing Joy Street between Brodiaea Ave. and Cactus Ave. (APN 297-170-067, -075, and -076);
  • PA12-0021 proposes a new 607,920 SF warehouse facility on approximately 30 acres located at the northwest corner of Graham St. and Brodiaea Ave. This project requires the vacation of existing Joy Street north of Brodiaea Ave. (APN 297-170-064, -065, and -082);
  • PA12-0019 for either a 164,720 SF warehouse building on 7.6 acres at the northeast corner of Cactus Ave. and Frederick St. or as an interim occupancy use as an equipment/truck trailer storage area in support of the existing/expansion of the adjacent warehouse distribution facility (APN 297-170-027). This use will require a related Zone Change (PA12-0022) from BPX to LI; and
  • The project will also include a tentative parcel map(s) to facilitate the creation parcels for each of the warehouse distribution buildings noted above.

The public review period of the Draft Environmental Impact Report for this project begins on September 21, 2012 and ends on November 5, 2012. During the public review period, public agencies, interested organizations, and individuals have the opportunity to comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report.

Please see the links below for a copy of the Draft Environmental Impact Report and the related Technical Appendices. Read the DEIR and supporting technical documents.

For more information on this project, contact Jeff Bradshaw, Associate Planner at 951.413.3224 or the Moreno Valley Planning Division at 951.413.3206.


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