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MADD Honors Moreno Valley Police Department
Traffic Team Members

On February 20, 2013, Moreno Valley Police Department (MVPD) Traffic Team members were honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) during the annual “AVOID the 30” awards ceremony. Honorees were distinguished based on the number of DUI arrests during a specified period of time. More than 300 people from several Riverside county law enforcement agencies attended this prestigious event held at the Riverside Auditorium & Event of presentation

Several members of the Moreno Valley Traffic Team were individually recognized during this event.

  • MVPD Motor Officer Eric Robinson was celebrated as the #1 DUI arresting officer for all agencies in 2012 and received the Triple Century Award for arresting 306 motorists for impaired driving.
  • MVPD Motor Officer Dennis Pleta was the #2 DUI arresting officer in 2012 for all agencies, receiving the Double Century Award for arresting 220 motorists for impaired driving.
  • MVPD Officer Jason Slover received a Century Award for arresting 104 motorists for impaired driving.

Other MVPD Officers who were recognized for their DUI arrests were as follows:

  • MVPD Officer Myling Bordeau- 76 arrests
  • MVPD Motor Officer Chris Loucks- 46 arrests
  • MVPD Officer Ralph Lopez- 40 arrests
  • MVPD Officer Chris Bayani- 27 arrests
  • MVPD Motor Officer Jason Edmondson- 25 arrests

The Moreno Valley Traffic team takes traffic safety very seriously and will continue to aggressively enforce DUI laws.

The AVOID the 30 event is endorsed by the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). Avoid the 30 is a collaborative program among Riverside County law enforcement agencies, media advocacy, and community coalitions to work towards the common goal of reducing the number of people driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol, other drugs, or while drowsy. For more information about AVOID the 30, contact Skip Showalter at 951.351.6046

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