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Eucalyptus Avenue Opens to Moreno Beach Drive

As part of the City of Moreno Valley’s Capital Improvement Plan and in conjunction with the City’s Economic Development Action Plan, improvements to the State Route 60 (SR-60)/Moreno Beach Drive are under construction. The contractor is constructing new East Bound on and off ramps, reconfiguring Eucalyptus Avenue, and completing related improvements.  The new intersection at Eucalyptus Avenue and Moreno Beach Drive opened Monday, August 12, 2013.  The construction of the new intersection at Eucalyptus Avenue and Moreno Beach Drive will result in a new traffic configuration for vehicles travelling on Moreno Beach Drive or Eucalyptus Avenue, as well as those exiting Moreno Beach Plaza.

New Intersection and Moreno Beach Plaza Exit Traffic Configuration.  Eucalyptus Avenue will, as of August 12, have a raised median and allow only right turn traffic at the Moreno Beach Plaza Exit across from Panda Express and behind the Arco Station; left turns will not be permitted at this exit. For vehicles wishing to travel west on Eucalyptus, vehicles may take a right at the exit and a U-turn at the new Eucalyptus Ave and Moreno Beach Drive intersection.  Vehicles also have the option of taking the exit of Moreno Beach Plaza closest to Walmart which will allow both right and left turns.  Eucalyptus Avenue will allow two-way traffic for vehicles travelling East and West.  Please see the map below.

The raised median and new configuration will enhance access and efficiency of traffic movements in the area.

New median on Eucalyptus Avenue