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Informational Statement from City Council Member
Yxstian Gutierrez

It is with an abiding sense of humility and service to my community that I have accepted this opportunity to serve as Moreno Valley’s 4th District Council Member.

I grew up in Moreno Valley. I attended Moreno Valley schools from elementary to Moreno Valley College where I completed the first years of my college career. My mother is a retired Moreno Valley school teacher and my father works locally at the Lowe’s Distribution Center. As a 20-year resident, as a 7-year teacher for the Moreno Valley Unified School District and a 6-year Adjunct Reading Instructor at Moreno Valley College, as a recent owner of Berrybean Café on Alessandro Blvd., and as a member of the Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Moreno Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I believe that I have much to offer in representing my neighbors and the small business community as part of the City’s leadership team. Even more importantly, I am passionate about building and maintaining Moreno Valley’s neighborhoods and business partners. I will demonstrate my commitment to District 4 and the entire community by:

  • Advocating for Public Safety enhancements that reduce crime through innovation. I will support the Moreno Valley Police Department in maximizing the community benefits of the Citywide Camera System and increasing patrols in District 4.
  • Promoting partnerships between Moreno Valley’s educational institutions to enhance our students’ educational proficiency and increase graduation rates. I will champion opportunities for collaboration between Moreno Valley Unified School District, Val Verde Unified School District, and Moreno Valley College.
  • Facilitating economic development by advocating for Moreno Valley’s existing small businesses. I will reinforce efforts to encourage shopping and dining in Moreno Valley to grow local businesses while enhancing the general fund revenues City Hall uses to fund many of our quality of life services so important to our residents.
  • Protecting Moreno Valley’s livability by remaining mindful of environmental sensitivities. I will meticulously study development proposals and fiercely enforce necessary measures that preserve quality of life in my District and beyond.
  • Promoting Moreno Valley’s successes to inform residents of the many good things Moreno Valley is achieving. I will refocus Moreno Valley’s image from distrust in the elected leadership back to the multitude of meaningful achievements by city residents and staff.

Moreno Valley’s history is replete with successes, occasional setbacks and fiscal challenges. Yet our community remains strong and united in fulfilling our pioneering vision for a vibrant, safe, and healthy community. I am deeply honored by the opportunity to serve, particularly at this pivotal time. I invite all Moreno Valley residents to join me in seeking truth, facing challenges, finding solutions and achieving Moreno Valley’s destiny as Inland Southern California’s model community. I look forward to serving you.