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Local Artists Invited to Display Work

The City of Moreno Valley is currently accepting applications from artists to display their artwork through a new Art Loan Policy. The City’s Arts Commission will review all works of art submitted for exhibition. The commission will judge the appropriateness of each piece based on common sense and an eye for family-friendly works.

The policy allows works strictly from artists, living or deceased, connected to Moreno Valley through residence, work or birth. The primary points of the policy include:

  • All artists will need to reside, work, or have been born in Moreno Valley. These requirements also apply to works of art submitted by family members of deceased artists.
  • The City’s Arts Commission will review all works of art submitted for exhibition at a City facility. The review includes an evaluation of each work of art for quality, style, the type of media the artwork is displayed on, the nature of the artwork, and diversity.  Following the review, recommendations will be made to the City Manager’s Office which will approve all artwork prior to being loaned to the City for display.

  • Works of art that are deemed too large or difficult to display, contain materials which are inherently dangerous or unstable, or are made out of materials that may decay if not kept displayed in the optimum environmental conditions will not be displayed.

The deadline for submittal is December 2, 2013. Art pieces will be displayed January 1-April 30. Applications are available at For more information, contact Moreno Valley Parks and Community Services at 951.413.3701..