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Moreno Valley Utility Customer Alert

Some Moreno Valley Utility customers have recently been experiencing fraudulent calls for the collection of unpaid bills. If you receive a call claiming to be from Moreno Valley Utility (MVU), please be cautious. The safety and security of our customers is our top priority and we encourage customers to contact us immediately at (877) 811-8700 if fraudulent activity is suspected.

Among the fraudulent instructions are:

  • Instructions to purchase a prepaid card, called a Green Dot Money Pak, in order to avoid disconnection of their electric service, and
  • Instructed to make the payment within the hour, and to call the impersonator back at a telephone number that is different from the customer service number listed on the utility bill.

Official MVU payment practices can be identified by the following:

  • MVU representatives make calls to customers regarding current and closed accounts. You may ask for their name and agent number, then hang up and call back to (877) 811-8700 to ask for them as verification of authenticity.
  • Our staff will never visit a customer’s home to collect payment. Customers can make payments in one of the following ways:
    - By mail to 380 N San Jacinto Ave, Suite 202, Hemet, CA 92543
    - In person at 14331 Frederick St, Suite 2
    - Via our Call Center 24/4 by calling (877) 811-8700
    - Through our automated phone system by calling (888) 267-6770
    - Securely online at

Moreno Valley Utility will mail at least one past-due notice, make a courtesy call reminding that payment is due, and hang a 24-hour disconnection notice before electric service is terminated.

Safety Tips

  • Be cautious about the personal information you share via email or the Internet
  • Make sure to shred all bills before throwing them in the trash
  • Never purchase a Green Dot Money Pak to pay utility bills
  • Moreno Valley Utility only accepts cash, check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), money order, or payment via checking account
  • If you receive a cancellation notification (especially by phone), always verify it by calling the customer service phone number on the utility bill prior to giving out any personal information and/or making a payment

Moreno Valley Utility is working with the Moreno Valley Police Department on this matter.  All customers are encouraged to contact us immediately at (877) 811-8700 if fraudulent activity is suspected.