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Moreno Valley Launches the Mentoring Network

The City of Moreno Valley is participating in National Mentoring Month and the theme is “Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters.”  The City is joining with Sigma Beta Xi Academy for Young Men, area church leaders, businesses, and community organizations to celebrate this month by adopting a proclamation and hosting the 1st Annual Mentoring Matters Reception.  The reception will also launch the Mentor Network that will recruit, train, and connect mentors to youth here in Moreno Valley.

Mentor NetworkWhy focus on mentoring?  At the most rudimentary level, mentoring guarantees a young person has someone who cares about them. A child should not feel alone when dealing with day-to-day challenges such as: shopping for a first car, locating a part-time job, and cultivating more complex skills such as learning proper study techniques and making plans for college.  Through mentoring, mentees will have an experienced friend who is there to help in any number of situations.  Research also shows mentoring benefits the mentors as well, and they reported an increase in self-esteem, confidence, and public speaking abilities. 

The City encourages all residents to support this initiative.  For more information about the program, or opportunities to get involved, please contact Jernine Williams at (951) 385-7902 or (951) 385-7902 or by email at