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Council Member Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez’
Comments on the Attorney General’s Opinion

The following are Council Member Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez’ comments related to the opinion rendered by the Office of the Attorney General granting leave to sue on the question of whether or not he is lawfully holding the position of Council Member for Moreno Valley’s 4th District:

While the opinion was anticipated, I am still disappointed that this lawsuit will be allowed to proceed. However, I am a firm believer in our country’s judicial system and understand that the Attorney General routinely allows these types of cases to move forward in order to establish judicial resolution. I look forward to having a court affirm that I am lawfully holding the Council Office to which I was appointed exactly six months ago. I will not be distracted from my service to my neighbors in District 4 and the City, and will continue to push forward new initiatives including:

  • Expanding our new music/arts program for our after school students.
  • Establishing our community’s first Emerging Leaders Council to provide our young adults with a voice in their government.
  • Providing community education programs such as the free financial literacy workshop conducted recently in District 4 and the addition of community service and program information booths at the City’s upcoming Spring holiday events.

I am committed to building on the excellent economic development progress that my fellow Council Members and I have achieved. Attracting quality job-producing businesses such as Amazon (1,000 jobs), Aldi Foods (200 jobs), Deckers Outdoor (200 jobs), Harbor Freight (150 jobs) and a Fortune 100 company (800 jobs) is critical to a City still suffering from unemployment rates that are too high.

Serving the residents of Moreno Valley continues to be the focus of my time and efforts and I consider it the privilege of my lifetime to do so.