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District Attorney Lifts Evidence Preservation Requirement

On Monday, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office lifted its previous requirement that the City of Moreno Valley preserve all documents and electronically stored information. This change allows the City to return to its long-established policies which, in many cases, are more stringent than State and Federal requirements for document retention.

The City has fully complied with the District Attorney's requirements, to ensure that law enforcement officials had complete access to all City documents. To provide further transparency, the City also posted documents provided in response to federal subpoenas on the City's web site. Those documents remain available on the City's Transparency Web page at

"The City has gone above and beyond what the DA requested," said Moreno Valley Mayor Jesse Molina. "We see the DA's decision this week as a positive sign which recognizes the City's commitment to transparency and our full cooperation. This is good news for Moreno Valley residents."

The District Attorney's letter is posted on the City's Transparency webpage. For more information, contact the City Attorney's Office at 951.413.3036.