Time & Materials

Time and Materials

Save on Post-entitlement Expenses

The City of Moreno Valley offers a Time & Materials (T&M) program that provides eligible development projects the opportunity for significant savings on post-entitlement Planning, Building & Safety, Land Development and Fire Prevention fees. 

Eligibility Criteria

The T&M Program applies to non-residential plan check applications, inspections, and other post-entitlement expenses. Project developers may elect to participate based on the following criteria:

Building Valuation

Minimum valuation of $25 million. Valuation is estimated by the
City’s Building & Safety office, based on project type and size.

Improvement Valuation

If a project’s building valuation does not meet the $25 million threshold, the City may consider the added value of the public improvements conditioned for developer installation with the Project. Valuation is determined by the City’s Land Development office, based on the development engineer’s project cost estimate.

Job Creation

150 or more, regardless of minimum project valuation. Job creation is not a factor if a project’s minimum valuation threshold is met.

Director's Discretion

Based on Economic Development Action Plan priorities.

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For more information, contact EDTeam@moval.org or call 951.413.3310.

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