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Employment Resource Center

In an effort to help unemployed or underemployed Moreno Valley residents, the City of Moreno Valley opened the Moreno Valley Employment Resource Center (ERC). The ERC is a partnership with the Workforce Development Center of Riverside County. Unemployed or underemployed Moreno Valley residents have access to services similar to those at County facilities. See more information...

The City of Moreno Valley is a community partner with Riverside County Workforce Development, which helps connect businesses with their greatest resource -- people.  Click here to learn more

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can provide dynamic and rewarding opportunities to:

  • Enhance our community
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Learn new skills
  • Give back to the community
  • Learn more about local government

The City of Moreno Valley is now accepting applications for the following volunteer positions:

Short or Long Term Opportunities:

  • Animal Shelter (age 18+)
  • Library (age 16-17 years old) - must pass library placement test
  • Police Department

Long Term Opportunities:

  • Public Works Internship (must be of first year through senior standing at an accredited College or University)
  • MVTV-3 Government Access Channel (age 14+) - experience required •Clerical/Secretarial (age 14+)
  • Emergency Response Force (age 18+) *
  • Ham Radio (age 14+)* - must have a current Ham license
  • Park Ranger (age 18+)*
  • Recreation Coach (age 18+)*

* These programs require fingerprinting background checks.)

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