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Protect Your Pet

During the last winter storms, Moreno Valley Animal Services was once again a safe haven for many lost pets.

Animal Services typically experiences an increase in lost pets during and just after substantial rain and wind. The rain softens the ground making it easier for dogs to dig out and weakens fencing that can be damaged by winds. During the last thunderstorm we housed many frightened pets that escaped their confinement. Many of the pets were safely returned to the owner, but a considerable amount met with untimely death due to a combination of poor visibility and traffic.

Animal Services recommends placing your pets in secure areas that will protect them not only from the weather, but from potential escape. We also strongly recommend that every pet wear identification tags and microchip identification, as collars and tags can become lost. Identification on your pet significantly increases the chance that your pet will return home safely should it become lost.

Pets that are kept out of doors should have shelter available to them. Many times dog houses are just not enough to protect pets from wind, rain and cold temperatures.

If you would like more information about protecting your pets from bad weather and disaster preparedness, please contact Moreno Valley Animal Services at (951) 413-3790.

Don’t wait until a disaster strikes to have a disaster plan for your animals. Plan for your pet’s care now.