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Confidentiality Of Library Records

State Law protects the contents of library patron records.

Under this law, library employees are prohibited from sharing information about what a patron has checked out or has on hold with anyone else, even parents and spouses.

Under this law, no one outside library staff can find out what you are reading or viewing without your consent or a court order.

Under this law, we are not permitted to do any of the following:

As a library patron, you can permit other people to know what you have checked out or to pick up library holds for you; however, you must provide a signed note specifically allowing that person to have access to your library records.

If you like, we can provide you with a copy of the statute (Government Code Title 1, Division 7, Chapter 3.5, Sec. 6267).

Thank you for helping us to conform to this law regarding the privacy of library records.