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Patron Responsibility and Conduct Code

I. Policy

The Moreno Valley Public Library seeks to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the acquisition of knowledge through reading, writing, and contemplation of ideas. The Library attempts to provide a comfortable, safe, and supportive informal atmosphere, welcoming all people in the Moreno Valley area.

The Library assumes that principles of conduct will be observed by those in the Library. Patrons should engage in the activities normally associated with the use of a public Library while in the building. These activities include reading, studying, participating in programs, or using library materials and services. It is the patron's responsibility to maintain necessary and proper behavior standards to protect his/her individual rights and the rights and privileges of other patrons. Proper dress and conversation are also expected.

II. Patron Principles of Conduct

The Library serves various functions for patrons, including that of a community information center, a place to study, and a place to find cultural and recreational materials and activities. All of these require traffic, movement, and discourse. In balancing these various roles and functions, a reasonable noise level is expected and generally believed to be acoustically unavoidable. When in the Moreno Valley Public Library, patrons must observe the following principles of conduct:

III. Patron Prohibited Activities

The following activities and behaviors seriously interfere with the activities normally associated with the use of a public library and are prohibited in the Moreno Valley Public Library:

Patrons are required to be appropriately clothed, including shoes, while in the Library.

IV. Violations of Patron Principles of Conduct and Patron Prohibited Activities

Maintenance of proper conduct in the Library is one of the responsibilities of Library staff. Staff have the authority to deal firmly but courteously with patrons who are violating the Patron Principles of Conduct and Patron Prohibited Activities. Actions taken by staff may include making the patron aware that the behavior violates the principles of conduct or is a prohibited activity, warning the patron that he/she will have to leave if the behavior does not change, and telling the patron to leave the library. In some cases, the patron may be escorted from the building by staff, security personnel, or the police.

Anyone known to have violated the principles of conduct and prohibited activities of the Library may be excluded from the Library and its programs as a matter of administrative policy. If the behavior involves illegal activity, such as child molestation, indecent exposure, or destruction of Library property, Library staff have full authority to call the police. Based upon the severity of the situation, a suspension of library privileges for up to one year may be applied without advance warning or prior suspension. Written notification of a suspension period greater than seven days shall be delivered to the patron, or in the case of a minor (under the age of 18), to the parent or legal guardian.

Patrons shall have the right to submit a written request to the library's administration office for an administrative review of a suspension period greater than seven days. Patrons shall include in the request any written documentation they seek to have considered in the review process. The suspension shall remain in effect pending the administrative review. The library administrator's decision shall be final.

These Patron Principles of Conduct and Patron Prohibited Activities have been formulated with the cooperation of the Moreno Valley Police Department and the City Attorney's Office. Furthermore, these Patron Principles of Conduct and Patron Prohibited Activities shall be posted in a prominent place in the Moreno Valley Public Library.

Revised 3/20/03; 06/10/10; 03/17/11
Moreno Valley Library Commission