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Crime Report

If there is a present or continuing danger - Call 911

Use this form to report only crimes that have taken place within the Moreno Valley City limits and when you do not know the suspect in the crime. If you are not sure where the City limits are, check our City Map.

This website is not monitored 24 hours a day. If your incident requires immediate action by the police department, please
DIAL 911.

Use this online form to report:

  • Theft—The unlawful taking of the personal property of another
  • Vandalism—Malicious mischief or damage done to your property
  • Vehicle Burglary—Someone unlawfully enters a locked vehicle and takes property
  • Vehicle Tampering—Damaging, defacing or removing any parts of a vehicle
  • Lost/Stolen Property—Property that is missing and it is not known if the property was taken or lost
  • Harassing Phone Calls—Immediate hang-ups, obscene language, etc. with no known suspects
  • Burglary—To house, garage or business, with no known suspects or evidence to collect

Call 951.776.1099 for an officer, and do not use the form if:

  • You are reporting a stolen vehicle
  • You know who the suspect is in the crime you are reporting, or you know where the suspect resides
  • There is physical evidence to collect
  • The crime involves domestic violence or physical injuries

Please provide as much information as you can by filling in the form; if you cannot answer a question completely, just enter as much information as you can.

Use the Crime Report

If this is the first report of the crime and has not already been reported to MVPD, click here.

If an incident has already been reported to MVPD and you need to provide additional information, click here.


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