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Zone Policing

Map of Zones

The Moreno Valley Police Department has adopted a “Zone Policing” strategy. The intent of “Zone Policing” is to improve response times to calls for service, make officers more familiar with community areas, and connect the Police Department with citizens and business owners within their assigned zones.

To facilitate this concept, the City has been divided into four zones and police officers are assigned to a specific zone. Each zone is comprised of a team that consists of a Zone Commander, Zone Supervisor, and Zone Coordinator.

Zone 1: Northern Moreno Valley, north of the SR 60 Freeway.
Zone 2: Western Moreno Valley, south of the SR 60 Freeway, west of Lasselle St. and north of Alessandro Blvd.
Zone 3: Southern Moreno Valley, south of Alessandro Blvd., west of Lasselle St.
Zone 4: Eastern Moreno Valley, east of Lasselle St. and south of the SR 60 Freeway.


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If your request is an emergency – dial 911.


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