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FY 2013/2014 Program Requirements

The MVU Solar Rebate Program has been fully subscribed for the 2013/14 program year. No applications are being accepted at this time. The information for the 2014/2015 MVU Solar Rebate program will be available in June 2014. Applications for the new program year will be accepted starting July 1, 2014.

  • The MVU Solar Rebate is available to MVU electric customers only
  • The qualifying system must be on same premises as the customer
  • All solar system components must be new and approved by MVU. Panels and inverters must appear on the latest California Energy Commission certified photovoltaic modules list or certified inverters list as posted on the Go Solar California website,
  • Panels must be warranted for 25 years, and inverters and labor for 10 years
  • An electric meter must be in place to monitor the system's performance
  • This program is limited to funds available on a first-come-first-served basis
  • The minimum installation size eligible for a rebate is 1 kW (1,000 watts)
  • The maximum installation size eligible for a rebate 1 MW (1,000,000 watts)
  • Customers who install solar electric generation systems 30 kW, or less, will qualify for the Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) program which has a rebate level at $2.00 per AC watt installed
  • Customers installing solar electric generation systems larger than 30 kW will be subject to the Performance Based Incentive Rate (PBI) which is paid over a 5 year period at a rate of 6 cents per kWh generated and MVU will own all the environmental attributes (RECS) produced for as long as the system exists. The customer may elect to retain the environmental attributes in exchange for a reduced incentive. The reduced incentive will consist of the Performance Based Incentive Rate being paid over a 4 year period rather than 5 years
  • Customers will only receive rebates for systems installed that are sized at 100% of the maximum average historical usage for the past 24 months. For customers with less than 2 years account history, the average will be based on available data
  • EPBB qualified customer rebate amounts are limited to $14,000 for residential systems, or $50,000 for small commercial, or 50% of the total cost of the project
  • All solar electric generation systems larger than 30 kW will have Professional Engineers approval before submittal
  • The actual amount of the rebate will take into consideration solar panel output, inverter efficiency and design factors such as climate, azimuth, tilt and shading. The calculation of the amount of rebate will be based on the CSI Rating on the CSI (California Solar Initiative) web site,
  • All incentive payments are based on available funds and verification of installation
  • Moreno Valley Electric Utility (MVU) reserves the right to determine program eligibility

How to Apply for a Rebate

  • Application Instructions
  • Residential Application
  • Net Energy Metering Interconnection Agreement
  • Commercial Customers contact the Program Administrator listed below:

Program Administrator:  Michelle Pierce
14331 Frederick Street, Suite 2
Moreno Valley, CA 92553

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