Special Trash Disposal

trash bags

Extra Trash and Green Waste

Residents may place curbside up to 15 additional bags of trash or green waste three times per year.

Advanced notice is required. Please contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire at 800.423.9986 at least 24 hours in advance of your regular collection day for this service. Collection of bags over the limit will be charged.

Bulky Item Pickup

Residents may request a free bulky item pickup once a week (one item) or once a month (four items) on their regular service day. There is a charge for additional items.

Scheduling a Bulky Item Pickup
Contact Waste Management of the Inland Empire at 800.423.9986 at least 24 hours in advance of your regular service day. Bulky items include: couches, refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, lawn furniture, tire recycling, etc.

For more information about bulky item pickup contact:

Tire Recycling

Bulky items now include tire recycling. Moreno Valley Residents can recycle 2 tires per year, per household. Please call Waste Management at 800.423.9986 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule this bulky item pick up.

Bringing Tires to the Landfill
Tires can still be taken to the Landfill for disposal. You can dispose of up to 9 tires for the following fees. Note that tire disposal fees are charged in addition to any other waste disposal charges:

  • $2 per regular tire (light duty passenger tires).
  • $6 per tire for heavy duty truck tires ( not exceeding 4’ in diameter or weighing more than 200 lb)

Note About Fees: The landfill fees are provided for convenience. Actual landfill fees are reviewed at least annually and are
subject to change, typically at the beginning of the July 1 fiscal year. To see the current landfill fees, check the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources website.

Registered Tire Haulers
The legal limit to haul tires is a maximum of 9 tires per trip, unless the hauling vehicle is a Registered Tire Hauler. To find more information on becoming a Registered Tire Hauler, check the CalRecycle website.

If you are hauling more than 9 tires, and tire manifest documentation is provided, the load is charged at $110.79 per ton starting July 1, 2018.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Waste Management of the Inland Empire collects and recycles Christmas trees for the first two weeks following Christmas on your regular collection day.

Trees longer than six feet must be cut in half. Please remove all tinsel, metal ornaments and metal stands from trees. Flocked trees will be collected but cannot be recycled.

Construction and Demolition Debris

If you need to dispose of construction or demolition debris from a remodel or other work on your home you will need to arrange for a roll-off box. Construction type debris cannot be thrown away in your regular residential trash cart.

Waste Management offers roll-off boxes sized from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Recycling roll-off boxes are also available for source-separated materials such as asphalt. For more information or to order a roll-off box, contact Waste Management at 800.423.9986.

Certain construction projects must submit a waste management plan. See the CD-1 form for details.


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