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Businesses located in the City of Moreno Valley are encouraged to take advantage of this great opportunity to advertise their business while beautifying the community through the Sponsor-a-Street Program. Sponsorship allows businesses to be recognized for their financial contribution to a safer, cleaner Moreno Valley. In return, sponsors receive recognition through multicolor logo signage on major thoroughfares. Each segment is one-half mile long; litter removal is performed monthly or every two months.

Program benefits for your business include:

  • Cost effective marketing
  • High impact, repetitive exposure to commuters daily
  • Savings to the City of Moreno Valley
  • Helps minimize environmental impact of litter
  • Clean roads = safe roads

For additional information please contact Adopt-A-Highway: 
by phone: 1.800.390.2420
by email:

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Here are the program documents: