Bids and RFPs

Information on bids and Requests for Proposals is located below. Select the description to see the complete bid package. Most materials are in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download the free Acrobat Reader from

Looking to learn more about doing business with government agencies? Check out the Procurement Assistance Center (PAC). The PAC provides important resource information and procurement training to businesses seeking to market their goods and services to federal, state and local government.

Note: Before downloading, please review the City policy for Bids and RFPs.

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Acrobat Exception to Worker's Compensation Coverage (Sole Proprietorship) 04/12
Acrobat Exception to Worker's Compensation Coverage (Partnership) 04/12
Acrobat Exception to Worker's Compensation Coverage (Corporation) 04/12


Date Posted Division/ Department Project
Bid Title Closing Date/Time
      There are no bids posted at this time.  

Bid Results

Date Posted Department Project Number Title
12/15/14 Public Works 801 0058 70 77 Cycle 5 ADA Access Ramp Improvements at Various Locations
12/10/14 Public Works 803 0002 70 77 Corporate Yard Phase 1 Administration Building
12/01/14 Public Works 801 0053 70 77
801 0061
801 0054 70 77
Cycle 3 Pedestrian Access Ramps Enhancements & Cycle 4 Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancements

City Policies for RFPs and Bids

Notice: This information is a reproduction of official documents and is provided as a public service. Any information presented here is subject to revision at any time. It shall be the bidder’s responsibility to obtain current document(s) in a timely manner, to examine carefully all sections of the bid/RFP before submitting any documents, and to contact the issuing department for the current status of any Bid/RFP posting. It shall also be the bidder’s responsibility to determine if any addenda have been issued, and include them in their bid/RFP response. If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held in the Purchasing Division, the written copy prevails.

Posting of the Notice for Bids and Request for Proposals on this site is provided for convenience only and is not intended as an official source. The City makes no guarantees that the all bids and RFP opportunities are listed on this site. The City will endeavor to keep this site up to date, however prospective bidders and consultants should contact the issuing department from the following list:

  • Capital Project Division at 951.413.3130 for all official information
  • Purchasing Department at 951.413.3190
  • For all other City departments call 951.413.3000

Bid Documents

It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure the most complete and current version of the bid or contract document has been downloaded or otherwise obtained, including any addenda. Incomplete bids will not be accepted. Only those changes made by the City in the form of written addenda will be accepted. Any changes made to the bid terms without the consent of the City may render the bid non-responsive and subject to rejection.

Obtaining Bid Documents

Bidding documents, including the Plans and Special Provisions but not including Standard Plans, Standard Specifications, or Reference Specifications, may be obtained as follows:

  • At City Hall
    Bidding documents (Plans and Specs) may be purchased in person from the cashier in the Finance Department at Moreno Valley City Hall. See contact and maps for City Hall...
  • By Delivery Service
    Delivery service by Federal Express is available for an additional charge as noted in the bid or RFP. For delivery service, call: 951.413.3150
  • Online
    When possible, bid documents are provided online for download. Vendor Application Please note that fees are non-refundable and vary for each project.
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